Our company, Agra-h, was founded in Čakovec, Croatia, in 1995. 

It branched out as a sister company of the parent firm AGRA d.o.o. that was founded in 1989.

Our principal activities are the production of electronic measuring instruments, IT services and agricultural services.

In 2003. we transferred our operations to Sisak, Croatia, where we've been working since.

Our agricultural services include selling of fruit and decorative plants, while our business activities rely on the development and production of electronic measuring instruments and IT services (management, production and sale of hardware and software, servicing of IT cabinets...).

In cooperation with the company AGRA d.o.o. we have successfully finished the project for agrometeorological measurements and disease prognosis in agriculture - CDA stations, the first project of it's kind in Croatia.

The continuation of this project is the agrometeorological station "Pinova Meteo", developed by Pinova d.o.o. from Čakovec, for which we again supplied and produced a series of sensors and measuring devices.

A clear sign of the reliability and quality of our products is the large number of our sensors and devices functioning in fields without interruption since the 90's.
For all our products we provide full technical support, spare parts and repairs.

Our goal is to constantly push our technological advancement and product quality forward.